• Associate Professor of Psychiatry
  • Director of the Community and Minority Cancer Control Program

Dr. Halbert received her doctorate in personality psychology from Howard University in 1997.  In addition to her doctoral training, Dr. Halbert completed pre- and post-doctoral training at the Lombardi Cancer Center.  In 1995, she received a pre-doctoral supplemental award from the National Institutes of Mental Health to evaluate psychosocial and sociocultural influences on family communication about genetic testing and in 1997 she received a postdoctoral supplemental award from the National Cancer Institute to evaluate the process and content of family communication about genetic testing following disclosure of BRCA1 and BRCA2 test results.  Dr. Halbert’s research focuses on understanding the sociocultural underpinnings of cancer prevention and control behaviors among ethnically diverse populations and translating this knowledge into interventions designed to reduce ethnic and racial differences in cancer morbidity and mortality.  She is Director of the Community Cancer Prevention and Control Initiative at the Abramson Cancer Center and is Principal Investigator of a randomized trial funded by the Department of Defense to develop and evaluate a culturally tailored genetic counseling protocol for African American women.  A secondary aim of this study is to identify African American women who are most and least likely to benefit from CTGC vs. SGC.  Dr. Halbert is also co-Principal Investigator for the Penn Center for Population Health and Health Disparities that is funded by the National Cancer Institute.  The objectives of this Center are to (1) study the interaction between biological, clinical, behavioral and environmental factors predictive of outcomes following a prostate cancer diagnosis, (2) evaluate the contribution of these factors to ethnic disparities in prostate cancer outcomes, and (3) disseminate this information to at-risk populations and the public health community.  Dr. Halbert is also director of the Community Outreach and Dissemination Core and is Principal Investigator for Project #4, Determinants of Ethnic Differences in Quality of Life, within the Penn Center for Population Health.