Penn's Global Health Track offers a curriculum designed specifically for applicants to the interdisciplinary Master of Public Health Program who are interested in both the theory and practice of global public health. Recognizing that global health is an emerging area in the field,  Penn's global health curriculum delivers core public health skills within a global context.

The fourteen course units (14 cu) required for the MPH in Global Health track are described below. Students must take a minimum of 11 cu under the PUBH prefix.

Core MPH Requirements (9.0 cu)

  • PUBH 501 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • PUBH 502 Introduction to Principles and Methods of Epidemiology
  • PUBH 503 Environmental and Occupational Health
  • PUBH 504 Behavioral and Social Sciences in Public Health
  • PUBH 505 Public Health Policy and Administration
  • PUBH 506 Methods for Public Health Practice
  • PUBH 507 Ethics, Law and Public Policy
  • PUBH 508 Capstone (2 cu)
  • Required Fieldwork Experience 125 hours: Students within the Global Health Track will be assisted in identifying a practical fieldwork experience that addresses their key public health interests either overseas within an appropriate organization/program or in the Philadelphia area with an organization that works with global health or immigrant issues. Philadelphia is the home to a variety of immigrant groups and Penn already has close relationships with organizations that work in immigrant health such as Puentes de Salud (Latino-Immigrant focused), SEAMAAC (Asian-immigrant focused), and AFRICOM (African and Caribbean immigrant-focused).

Additional competencies specific to specialized knowledge in Global Health are acquired through 3 required global public health courses to be chosen from among the following:

Specialized Global Health Track (3.0 cu)

  • PUBH 519 Issues in Global Health
  • PUBH 525 Developing Effective Public Health Programs Using a Human Rights Based Approach
  • PUBH 551 Global Health Policy and Delivery
  • LAW 759 International Human Rights (1.0)
  • DEMG SM 633 (SOCI 633) Population Processes 1
  • DEMG SM 634 (SOCI 634) Population Processes 2
  • PUBH 598 Immersion Experience in Global Public Health (1.0 cu)

Electives (2.0 cu)

One additional course unit (1.0 cu) under the PUBH prefix is required plus one additional course unit (1.0 cu) of an approved elective to make up the full compliment of 14 cu for the MPH degree. Examples of PUBH electives are listed below:

  • PUBH 517 Epidemiologic Study of Geography and Health
  • PUBH 521 Program Evaluation in Public Health
  • PUBH 522 Critical Appraisal of Occupational and Environmental Health Literature
  • PUBH 525 Developing Effective Public Health Programs Using a Human Rights Based Approach
  • PUBH 526 Anthropology and Public Health

Additional elective options may be found by following the links below:

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Capstone Culminating Experience

The Capstone is a culminating experience required for graduation in the Master of Public Health Program. Read more about capstone.

Student Group Opportunities

The Global Health Society