• Miriam Stirl Endowed Term Professor of Nutrition, Professor of Nursing of Children, Division of Family and Community Health

Dr. Lipman’s dissertation research was the Epidemiology of Type 1 Diabetes in Children in Philadelphia. Dr. Jennifer Pinto Martin was a committee member on Dr. Lipman’s dissertation. Dr. Lipman has maintained a registry of type 1 diabetes in Philadelphia since that time. Three five year cohorts have been published and she is now collecting data on the forth cohort. The Philadelphia registry is one of only three such ongoing registries in the US and the data are included in the WHO DIAMOND Study (Diabetes Mondiale) to monitor diabetes incidence worldwide.

Dr. Lipman is co-chair of a Diabetes Surveillance Committee for the State of Pennsylvania, working with stakeholders throughout the state to develop a plan for monitoring diabetes incidence, prevalence and outcomes. Her other area of research is monitoring growth in children. She was principal investigator of a randomized controlled trial evaluating growth assessment of 900 children in primary care practices, and providing an educational intervention for nurses, in 8 cities in the US. Based on these data, she has subsequently received four years of funding from the Netter Center for Community Partnerships to engage her nurse practitioner students in a community experience in collaboration with the Sayre High School. Dr. Lipman’s students provide class content related to growth assessment and assessment of diabetes risk factors. to the high school students in a health class. The Penn and Sayre students then partner to assess height, weight and BMI and diabetes risk factors of elementary school children in the Beacon after school program at Sayre. Parents were informed of the results of the assessment, and recommendations were given related to follow up. The Penn and Sayre students also teach the children about healthy eating and professional dancers lead a dance class to demonstrate that activity can be accessible, enjoyable and free. Each year the data were collected and analyzed and were presented by Penn/ Sayre student pairs at a national pediatric nursing conference in four cities in the US. The national presentations of the Penn/ Sayre team have received a total of 4 awards. In 2009, the Penn/ Sayre partnership to assess diabetes risk factors of children in the community was honored with a citation from City Council and a Proclamation from Mayor Michael Nutter.

Dr. Lipman’s practice, research and teaching are dedicated to a public health and community initiatives.