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Undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania with a passion for public health may apply for submatriculation status in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM).

During the submatriculation period, students can take up to four courses that can count towards both their undergraduate degree and the MPH degree. Ideally, of those four, at least two should have PUBH prefixes. The remainder can be other 400-level or higher courses, though any courses to be considered will be vetted by the MPH Curriculum Committee to ensure that the course is both rigorous and contains public health content. Once the submatriculants complete their undergraduate requirements, they will become MPH students for the remainder of their graduate coursework, typically with 10 courses remaining toward the completion of their degree. The timeline to complete their remaining MPH requirements is flexible.

Students typically initiate the application process during the fall semester of their junior year. All applications to the MPH program completed by November 1st will be reviewed and provided a decision by December 1st, with the intention of submatriculating in the spring of their junior year. Any coursework completed prior to the official submatriculation will not be able to count toward the MPH program.

If a student is interested in applying to the MPH program, here are the steps:

  1. Meet with your undergraduate major advisor to discuss the feasibility of adding the MPH to existing requirements to complete your undergraduate degree.

  2. Contact Moriah Hall in the MPH program to schedule an initial meeting.

  3. Complete the College submatriculation application here (for more information, you can visit the College submatriculation page here) and schedule a meeting with your major advisor and then Dr. Niel McDowell in the College Advising Office (120 Claudia Cohen Hall).

  4. Return the signed submatriculation application to Moriah Hall to receive the full MPH application and instructions.

Application Deadlines
  • To begin in the spring: November 1 
  • To begin in the summer: April 1
  • To begin in the fall: June 15

Applications to the MPH program will be reviewed holistically, looking at coursework and GPA (must have a minimum of 3.0 for undergraduate GPA), as well as demonstrated interest in public health through volunteer and internship experiences. This submatriculation program is highly competitive. All qualified applicants will be interviewed as part of the application process. Submatriculants will meet regularly with their MPH advisor to ensure success in the submatriculation program while fulfilling the requirements of their undergraduate program.