Graduate students are offered the opportunity to enroll in joint MPA/MPH degree programs. The Master of Public Administration combined with the MPH degree is outlined below.

Students will complete the core requirements of both the MPH (8 core courses plus 2 PUBH elective) and MPA Program (7 courses) for a total of 17 courses for the joint degree program. 

Masters in Public Health: 10 courses required [10 CUs]

  1. Introduction to Principles and Methods of Epidemiology

  2. Environmental & Occupational Health

  3. Public Health Theories & Frameworks

  4. Public Health Administration and Policy

  5. Methods for Public Health Practice

  6. Public Health Law & Ethics

  7. Capstone Seminar I

  8. Capstone Seminar II

  9. Public Health (PUBH) elective

  10. Public Health (PUBH) elective

Master of Public Administration: 7 courses required (7 CUs)

  1. Statistics for Public Policy

  2. Public Economics

  3. Public Management

  4. Policy Making and Public Institutions

  5. Program Evaluation and Data Analysis

  6. Public Finance and Budgeting

  7. Public Administration elective

This dual degree requires a shared Capstone project, as well as a field experience/ internship that complies with both degrees (totaling 150 hours).


For additional information contact:

Moriah Hall, MPH Associate Director: