Jonathan Muruako, MPH

Jonathan Muruako, MPH, MPH Class of '21

The Shiriki Kumanyika Award for Public Health Leadership honors Shiriki Kumanyika, the Founding Director of the MPH Program. Dr. Kumanyika is known to all as a champion and a partner in the development of a unique and innovative interdisciplinary model for public health studies at Penn. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her steadfast stewardship of the MPH Program has allowed Penn to count itself among programs training the best and brightest future leaders in the field. 

This award is presented to a graduating Penn MPH student each year in recognition of the personal commitment and innovative visioning that could result in a measurable difference in the field of public health. This individual has demonstrated the ability to inspire and motivate and improve the health and well-being of others.

This year, the award goes to Jonathon Muruako. Jonathon is recognized for his commitment to health and wellness through the founding of a student holistic wellness platform called Fitalyst. He has reveled in his work as a student-entrepreneur, recruiting a team of behavioral scientists and public health innovators and leveraging this ties as both an undergraduate and graduate student at Penn to find expert advisors in the spaces of public health leadership and healthcare innovation. He and his team have already won $5000 in seed money funding, and they are continuing to both collect pilot data and look for increased funding to expand beyond Penn. 

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