Racial Equity Task Force

The University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Public Health program has made a commitment to educate the next generation of public health practitioners and therefore recognizes racism and anti-blackness as a pressing public health crisis. In order to uphold these values, students in the Penn MPH program have created the Racial Equity Task Force to deal with issues of race-related injustices within the program’s curriculum, student and faculty populations, and public health practices. 

Our Mission: This student-led task force acts as an advocate of equity and justice for historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed students within the MPH program. 

Our Vision: The formation of the Racial Equity Task Force will further solidify the MPH program’s commitment to social justice and equity by: 

  • Promoting anti-racism and trauma-informed initiatives within the MPH program
  • Providing a safe and brave space to bring awareness and increased dialogue for the facets of racism within an academic setting and public health at large
  • Amplifying the voices of BIPOC at Penn in the classroom, research, fellowships, and fieldwork opportunities to build pathways for BIPOC student success beyond the MPH program
  • Collaborating with other programs and groups across the University of Pennsylvania regarding the success of BIPOC students
  • Collaborating with external partners or organizations to build pathways for BIPOC student success beyond Penn

Our Values: The foundation of the Racial Equity Task Force is built on an anti-racist and trauma-informed framework. We are led by the following values:

  • Equality and justice: Challenge social injustice and inequity within academic, fieldwork, and capstone spaces. 
  • Integrity and transparency: Conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty and responsibility to advocate for students’ needs.
  • Competence: Practice within our areas of competence and refer students to appropriate resources and contacts when areas of competence are out of the task force’s scope.

The RETF is student-led and founded in Summer 2020 by current members from diverse backgrounds including medicine, social work, and public health. Please contact Julia Hah, Leena Kasa, Farzana Khan, Rachel Randolph, Nahara Saballos, and Angela Song at pennmph.racialequity@gmail.com for any inquiries.